BERLIN LIGHTING is a leading provider of LED products and application solutions. Berlin aims to provide both domestic and overseas clients with high-quality and high performance products and services. Our products have been sold more than 30 countries through its partners worldwide. Our products have passed the CE、CCC、 ROHS certifications. We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

Our Services

If any quality problems occur within 2 years’ guarantee period, Berlin shall provide free maintenance service

  1. Transport

    Berlin shall take the single freight cost within the 2 years warranty period. Once the 2 years warranty period expires, Berlin shall nottake any responsibility for freight cost incurred.

  2. Repairs

    Once the 2 years warranty period expired, Berlin shall provide afavorable price for maintenance service.
    Provided that any of the following circumstances happen, Berlin shall not take any responsibility for the equipment troubles:
    – Unauthorized disassembling or repairing;
    – Malfunction by misuse;
    – Out of the warranty period;
    – Void or broken series number seal tape;

  3. Warranty

    Warranty will not be provided under the following circumstances:
    – Damage dueto the users’ misuse;
    – Damage due to damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake and other naturaldisasters;
    – Malfunction caused by misuse, including unauthorized disassembly, improper testing, etc;
    – Shell damage or components damage in use

  4. After-Sales

    Berlin will send engineers to help within stallation and maintenance guidance, but the client should bear all theexpenses incurred for the after-sales technical service, including visa fee,boarding fee, meals, transportation fee and so forth. The client should alsotake full charge of the engineers’ visa arrangement.

Our Vision

【Corporate vision】
 Display a glorious world and light up a happy life!

【Corporate mission】
 1. The growth of employees is the foundation of the company;
 2. Creating values for customers is the source of sustainable development of the company;
 3. Pursue excellence,lead the industry, and build a brand;
 4. Contribute to the creation of a green and environmental world.

【Berlin’s view on business management】
 Everybody should try to achieve a balance between personal and professional life. Respect your team members without losing the competitive edge.

【Berlin’s view on happiness】
 Happiness is more than a emotion but a state of mind. One should work happily, live happily, and achieve maximal value in both career and life.

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